The term "muckraker" caught on. It referred to investigative writers who uncovered the dark side of society. Few places had more "filth on the floor" than the meat- packing houses of Chicago. Upton Sinclair, a largely unknown fiction writer, became an "accidental muckraker" when he wrote a novel about the meat-packing industry. Packingtown. They helped to increase the public's awareness of troubling issues in society. Progressive Era: The Muckrakers. 20 related questions found. How did muckrakers impact society? The muckrakers played a highly visible role during the Progressive Era. Muckraking magazines—notably McClure's of the publisher S. S. McClure—took on corporate. Their work increases support for progressivism, which, in the long run, helped end child labor, get a shorter workweek, and improve the lives of the poor. What was the purpose of muckrakers? How did muckrakers influence society? Muckrakers influenced the public opinion by describing life of the poor and disgusting living conditions. This helped. The muckrakers helped to reform things. For example, after writing The Jungle in 1906, Upton Sinclair directly affected the passing of the Meat Inspection Act and also the Pure Food and Drug Act. the meat was kept badly in the way of having the distinguish between the good and bad meat:.

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